About Us

Professional Excavation is an ethical family owned Taranaki business which offers specialist excavation and precise site work to businesses and councils.

We take pride in being recognised as a premier provider of services in the highly competitive construction and infrastructure sector. However, we are aware that this did not happen by chance. It was the result of overcoming challenges, realising opportunities and remaining focused on how we can help our customers achieve their business goals.

A Champion Team

Lead by Joshua Prestidge, our team is made up of experienced people respected by their peers. We place an emphasis on retaining and nurturing our team at all levels of our business, hiring new team members that share our values, and ensuring stability and continuity as we grow.

Being qualified is a key to success in our industry and is essential in building your champion team, as care is needed at every turn while working for our clients to maintain their assets, and to deliver the brief on time and within budget. Josh brings industry experience and qualifications in civil construction, project management and business.

A particular benefit of our size is a broad base of experience and the depth of knowledge within our team. Our people have a detailed understanding of our customers businesses and market requirements along with the technical knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Our Culture

Teamwork and relationships are cornerstones of our business. 

How we do business is just as important as what we do, and we believe that the best business is done when individuals and companies work well together.

We believe in “effective innovation” that benefits our customers. Effective innovation comes from experience, from staying at the forefront of new technologies, industry changes and from maintaining both a strategic and day to day focus on continuous improvement.

Over the course of the day, what we do impacts on peoples lives. Our experience means that we never miss a beat, providing certainty and peace of mind to our customers as they deliver their services to all the people, businesses and communities that rely on them.

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